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Find Out If You Are Eligible to Apply.

This program assists eligible victims of crimes with medical, funeral, crime scene clean-up and mental health counseling expenses. Victims may also apply for lost wages or loss of support benefits.

Eligible victims must first exhaust other forms of payment such as insurance, before the Victim Compensation funds become an option.

Before you download the Crime Victim Compensation application please read the information below to determine if you are eligible. Only eligible victims may apply.

Victims of the following crimes may be eligible for compensation.

  • Assault/Battery
  • DUI Crash Victims
  • Homicide
  • Vehicular Homicide
  • Child Abuse
  • Hit and Run
  • Sexual Assault
  • Serious Injury by a Motor Vehicle
  • Domestic/Family Violence
  • Sexual offenses related to minors

Victims in the following situations are NOT eligible to apply:

  • Victims of property crime
  • Victims who consent, provoke, or incite the crime committed against them
  • Victims who were participating in a criminal act at the time of victimization
  • Victims who do not report the crime to law enforcement
  • officials within 72 hours (unless good cause shown)
  • Victims who were incarcerated at the time of victimization

Get Assistance With Your Application.

Call Atlanta Victim Assistance at (404) 588-4740 for help completing your application.

Eligible victims must:

  • Submit a completed victims compensation application with an original signature
  • Submit an investigative report from proper government authorities (i.e law enforcement, child protective services, the courts, medical authorities, etc.) listing the applicant as a victim or witness
  • Submit at least one itemized bill that includes: victims name, date(s) of service, service rendered, cost of service, name of provider, and provider contact information
  • If seeking counseling benefits, a completed psychological service report is required after the first visit and must document that the services rendered are directly related to the crime listed on the investigative report. The report must be submitted by the licensed mental health professional that provided the service.