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Social Media Coordinator

Atlanta Victim Assistance (AVA) has a new social media presence that has become a valuable avenue to speak with community. We are seeking a social media intern to write blog entries, tweets, email newsletters, etc., interact with our friends and followers, increase the number of friends and followers who come to rely on our content, manage the building and track campaigns that support our programs and special events. Create and update weekly and monthly reports and translate anecdotal or qualitative data into recommendations and plans for revising the social media...


Outreach and Communications Coordinator

Many communities are unaware of Atlanta Victim Assistance (AVA) and how AVA helps victims of violent crime. Outreach and communication specialists help to enhance community awareness of AVA. By building relationships, educating the community, and connecting community members with needed services, volunteers help to solidify the presence of AVA Victim Services in all communities, thereby ensuring that victims/survivors receive the support they need. This position will also support recruitment, marketing and logistics for the agency’s three special events: The Mother’s Walk for Peace, The...


Victim Impact Panel Coordinator

Victim Impact Panels (VIPs) allow victims/survivors an opportunity to heal by sharing their personal stories of bereavement, injuries, and loss with an audience of receptive participants. Volunteer VIP Coordinators play an important part in reducing future victimizations through presenting effective VIPs, which educate offenders about the hazards of violent crime and motivates participants to make responsible decisions.

Skills/Training Requirements: background check, complete assigned modules of Victim Assistance Training Online (10 – 12 hours), good organizational...


Volunteer Victim Advocate

Victim Advocates are responsible for delivering victim services to victims/survivors of violent crimes who may be in need of crisis intervention, emotional support, community referrals, and support groups. Services are delivered in person, by telephone, and in writing.

Skills/Training Requirements: background check, familiarity with the criminal justice system, ability to communicate effectively, ability to volunteer during anytime between the hours of 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and complete assigned modules of Victim Assistance Training Online (10 – 12 hours)