Behind Atlanta Victim Assistance, Inc. (AVA) stands a dedicated team of compassionate individuals united in their mission to support and empower survivors of crime.


Executive Director

Shontel Brunson-Wright

Dear Friends of Atlanta Victim Assistance, Inc.

For 40 years, Atlanta Victim Assistance, Inc. has been serving victims of crime who are residents or visitors in this amazing city. AVA stands firm on its mission, to advocate for the fundamental rights of victims while walking alongside them with compassion, dignity, and respect, and to aid in finding healing and justice. I am Shontel Brunson-Wright, AVA’s Executive Director, and I am proud to continue the great work of AVA with joy and compassion.

Returning to AVA as its leader is a true homecoming celebration. Prior to my selection as AVA’s Executive Director, I served as the Impact Director for Georgia Court Appointed Special Advocates, Inc. in which I supported and shared the outstanding work of the CASA Network throughout the state of Georgia. In my last twenty-four years, I’ve served in numerous leadership roles, including serving as the State of Georgia’s Victim of Crime Act State Administrator and working as the Program Director for the Victim Assistance Unit of the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council. I am a proud graduate of Saint Augustine’s University, where I studied Sociology and Social Work.

I am both honored and humbled by the Board’s decision to entrust AVA’s executive leadership to me.  I know firsthand from the work that I have done in my career, including the time I spent with AVA, the indispensability of AVA’s advocacy for and service to crime victims and their families.  I have long admired Brenda Muhammad and her legacy of service to the Atlanta community through AVA. I look forward to working closely with the many important stakeholders to chart out new, positive ground for AVA’s future in a manner that will build upon Brenda’s achievements.


Shontel Brunson-Wright

Executive Director

 Staff Listing



Associate Director of Programs

Paula Gaillard

Email: [email protected]

Office: (404) 588-4727

R. Boyd

Grants Manager

Reginald Boyd

Email: [email protected] 

Office: (404) 588-4733

Zone Advocates


Zone 1 Advocate 

Ambrosia Floyd

Email: ja-afloyd@atlantaga.gov 

Cell: (404) 246-5214

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Zones 2 & 5 Advocate



Zone 3 Advocate 

Charlene Kay 

Email: [email protected]

Cell: (404) 573-7652

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Zone 4 Advocate 



Zone 6 Advocate

Emilia Reyes Mena

Email: [email protected]  

Cell: (404) 438-7607



Homicide Unit

Tremayne Rucker

Email: [email protected]

Cell: (404) 396-4936


Child Abuse and Sexual Assault Advocate

Janelle Johnson

Email: ja-jjohnson@atlantaga.gov 

Cell: (404) 732-2713



Identity Theft

Juanita Burgest 

Email: [email protected] 

Office: (404) 588-4744


Victims Compensation Advocate

Michelle Clark

Email: [email protected] 

Cell: (404) 453-5571


Court Advocate

Gasha Wood

Email: [email protected] 

Office: (678) 651-8554


School Based Advocate | Maynard Jackson & Carver STEAM High Schools 

Deborah Johnson

Email: mun-deajohnson@atlantaga.gov 

Cell: (404) 979-1567


Executive Director: Shontel Brunson-Wright


Paula Gaillard | Associate Director of Programs 

Reginald Boyd | Director of Grants 

Zone Advocates 

Ambrosia Floyd | Zone 1

Charlene Kay | Zone 3

Emilia Reyes Mena | Zone 6

Zones 2,5 & 6 are currently vacant


Tremayne Rucker | Homicide Unit  

Janelle Johnson | Child Abuse and Sexual Assault Advocate


Juanita Burgest | Identity Theft

Gasha Wood | Court Advocate

Deborah Johnson | School Advocate | Maynard Jackson & Carver STEAM High Schools

Michelle Clark | Crime Victim Compensation Advocate